Natasha Lucas
Graphic designer at North

Typefaces with MuirMcNeil
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Orca, Minke, Beluga 2024

Cathode 2022

Anode 2021

Diode 2020

Bisect 2018


Natasha is a London-based graphic designer working at North, a design studio specialising in brand and visual identity. The studio has earned an international reputation for building design programmes and brands for organisations. Natasha joined the team in January 2022. Prior to this, she worked at Accept & Proceed, having graduated from UAL LCC in 2018. 

Beyond her commercial practice, Natasha has collaborated with MuirMcNeil’s foundry on several geometric type systems. They stem from her explorations and investigations into the interdependence of positive and negative spaces in alphabetical forms.

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Brand identity / Typography / Research + Insight / UI + Website / Art direction / Editorial / Print + Packaging / Signage / Guidelines

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